• I Get to Do This!

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    I Can Make That!

    Have you ever thought that to yourself, or even said it out loud, after seeing something in a store or online? I used to.


    Then something happened. Instead of just saying it to myself, I started to do it. I did a little bit of research, got familiar with my husband’s tools, and started to teach myself how to make things.


    At first, I asked my husband to do the “big cuts” for me. Then he suggested I learn how to use the saw. This was a big deal because when I was a little girl, my dad put the fear of God into me about power tools. Especially saws.


    Would it have been different if I were a boy? Probably. It was a different time and he was trying to protect his daughter. Regardless, I’ve been scared of power saws ever since.

    But I was tired of waiting for my husband to do things for me. So I took the plunge and learned how to use it. And I LOVED it!


    I don’t ask my husband to do things for me anymore. It’s not my husband’s tools in the garage. They’re MY tools. And I’ve acquired more -- a miter saw, a table saw, a router, a biscuit joiner.


    What this journey has taught me is that indeed, I can make that. And have fun doing it!

  • Why Black Dogs?

    Now you know the 'Crafts' part of my business. But what about the 'Black Dog' part?

    Otto (RIP) & Sadie

    First of all, I love dogs. All dogs. I can't resist their wet noses, wagging tails, and loving eyes.


    But I read somewhere that black dogs are the least-often adopted, and are the most-often abandoned. That made me sad. So to do my part, my family and I have only adopted black dogs.


    Our first was Otto. We got him shortly after my husband and I were married. He was a sweet boy who loved to swim and play fetch and snuggle on the sofa. He taught us how to be a family, and he helped us welcome our son when he was born.


    Otto's time on this earth was about average for dogs, but too short for me. After we lost him I had to take some time to mourn. But it wasn't long before the silence in the house became deafening. I missed the clicking of paws on the wood floors and the barking at the doorbell.


    So we went to the shelter and picked out Sadie. Actually, she picked me. I picked her up and she tucked her little head under my chin, and that was it - I had to have her.


    Sadie's a bit on the lazy side. She doesn't swim or play fetch, but she loves to lay in bed, lay in the sun, and roll in the grass. And more than anything, she loves to give kisses.


    Dogs -- especially black dogs -- are my muse. When it came time to name my business, I couldn't think of anything better.

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